Massages, body wraps, facials

Hot stone massage

One of the most popular massages aiming to satisfy the most demanding clients. The best therapeutic effect to remove stress and tension. You will experience total relaxation and bodily harmony. 

60 min back, arms, calves and thighs massage 1 490 CZK


Sports massage

Ideal for sprucing you up before a sporting activity or cooling you off after a workout. Prevents pain and muscle fatigue. 

30 min back and neck massage, or foot massage 890 CZK
55 min full body massage + Free admission to wellness 1 790 CZK


Foot massage

Foot bath using arnica mineral bath salts is followed by a massage of feet, calves, soles, with elements of reflexology. This massage alleviates fatigue, swelling and improves blood circulation in your lower legs. 

15 min foot bath + 30 min foot massage 790 CZK


Head and facial massage

Gentle, relaxing massage focusing on the areas of your face, scalp, neck, and décolletage. It eases tension in these parts and contributes to general well-being.

20 min massage + 20 min facial mask 1 090 CZK


Reflex therapy

Reflexology involves applying gentle pressure to the feet and the back. It aims to relax you, ease stress and tension and improve general well-being. 

30 min feet or back 1 090 CZK
Cupping therapy

Traditional, ancient procedure relaxes muscles, alleviates the pain in your back, joints, and muscles. This massage creates suction in the cup relaxing the body in the process.  

30 min back and neck massage 1 290 CZK


Lymphatic drainage massage

This massage involves gently and slowly manipulating specific areas of your body to help lymph move to an area with working lymph vessels. The lymph is forced out of the tissues and helps reduce cellulite.

55 min full body + Free admission to wellness 1 890 CZK


Facial lymphatic drainage

A specialized facial treatment to reduce wrinkles and eye bags while removing toxins and restoring proper lymph flow. It improves your overall complexion and contributes to better toxin and dirt removal.  

30 min facial massage + 15 min facial mask 1 190 CZK


Massage for children

assage aimed at children of various ages using hypoallergenic oils. The intensity is adjusted to the age and physical condition of the child.

30 min gentle massage    + Free admission to wellnes 590 CZK
Svatý Vavřinec - masáže
Svatý Vavřinec - masáže

Body wraps

Honey body wrap

A very efficient way of restoring elasticity of your skin, used to rejuvenate and refresh your body. Ideal for stress-related fatigue, anxiety, recuperation after medical treatments, and for overall improvement of your skin condition.  

45 min - 30 minutes in body wrap 1 490 CZK
Avocado body wrap

Anti-aging revitalizing body wrap with fresh aroma and light, silky consistency. It rejuvenates the skin and refreshes your mind. 

45 min - 30 minutes in body wrap 1 490 CZK



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