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Aparthotel Svatý Vavřinec Sněžka

The best corporate events are in Pec at Vavřinec.

Individual approach, exclusive services, great atmosphere.

Hotel rooms

Aparthotel Svatý Vavřinec - apartmán glamour
Aparthotel Svatý Vavřinec - firemní akce
Firemní akce ve Vavřinci

Hotel rooms in Svatý Vavřinec are distinctive and original. For corporate customers we typically offer one- or two-bedroom suites. Some suites come with sauna, infrared sauna, or a hot tub. The hotel offers 90 suites with a capacity of 300 beds. 

Conference facilities

Aparthotel Svatý Vavřinec does not offer boring and empty spaces without soul. Our conferences facilities are unique and perfectly suited for your team-building or corporate events. 

  • The main benefit of meadow lounges suitable for groups of up to 12 is a large sunny terrace. 
  • Both lounge Růžohorky and hall Sněžka have a large glass wall to inspire and impress with a unique design. 
  • The wine bar lounge has an original view of the wine shop. 
  • The lobby is customisable and perfect for both informal and formal meetings. 
  • Hall Valet with a capacity of up to 300 is simply phenomenal. Where else can you host work meetings, motor shows, present gardening equipment or have a party with a DJ?
Aparthotel Svatý Vavřinec - firemní akce
Aparthotel Svatý Vavřinec - firemní akce
Firemní akce ve Vavřinci
Název prostoru


"I" forma

"O" forma


Dataprojektor s plátnem


Multimediální TV
Sál Valet 300 320 93 153 280
Salonek lobby 60 75 40 44 72
Restaurace 60 70 24 26
Salonek Sněžka 60 100 22 24 70
Salonek Růžohorky 35 45 16 18 40
Salonek vinárna 24 24 16 16
Luční salonek L3 12 16 12
Luční salonek L2 10 12 10
Panoramatický salonek 4 6 4
Relax salonek s terasou, saunou a vířivkou 6


Team-building activities

Summer or winter olympics, all-terrain scooters, sledging, or survivor activity are commonplace. We offer them too, however, we also have a selection of original seasonal activities in any weather. We are flexible and ready to deal with any challenge.

Seasonal activities  – autumn 2023

  • Leave your comfort zone and weld your team together with Wim Hof method which is based on breathing techniques, cold therapy, and meditation. 
  • Blow your own glass bulb 
  • Investigate a murder at the hotel - a brand new indoor escape game
  • Learn to make coffee with a barista
  • Attend a bartending course 
  • Learn to make your own basket
  • Learn to churn butter
  • Experience a sauna ritual
  • Meditate and practice yoga 
  • Restart the team with mental hygiene  


Other popular activities

  • To the top of Sněžka on foot or by cable card
  • Downhill on all-terrain scooters 
  • E-bike trip and visiting local brewery 
  • Alpine slide 
  • Rope park for grown-ups 
  • Indoor shooting range
  • Rallye racing 
  • Bowling
  • Indoor minigolf
  • 3 lifts and 2 observation towers
  • The art of medieval cooking
  • And plenty more, just take a look. 


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